We will support exporting golf clubs to abroad from Japan.

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If you want to export golf clubs to abroad!

Inspection, Packing, Shipping, Entry Paper…. Golf Club Online will take care of all of your export procedures!

How to exportHow to export


Fee for exporting / importing golf clubs.

  • Fee for inspection, entry paper or customs clearance procedures. 100yen/per club(JPY)
  • Shipping fee from Japanese port to your port
  • Delivery fee from your port to the address you wish

Estimate Fee

The expense will be incurred depend on the numbers of your products.
The shipping or delivery fee will be incurred depend on the size and numbers of your box.

Example fee between Japanese port and Busan(Korea)port.
15 boxes of driver (total 30 clubs) 15boxes of iron sets(total 90 clubs)

30 boxes (total 120 clubs)97,000yen~(JPY)

*We are able to deliver the products to the place you desire from arrival port with additional fee.
Please leave it to Golf Club Online!

Information you need for estimateInformation you need for estimate

sending address
detail of your products (name or numbers of golf items)
your contact

We will work with you on your packing desire then make an estimate for you. After agreement, we will send you an estimate. We will pick up your products after receiving cleared payment.

*The country of origin and price of golf clubs are required to entry customs.
*Additional fee may be incurred if your products get inspected at customs.

Optional packing.Packing

We will make an estimate after consultation with you about packing.
Estimate fee : 350yen / per club

Image of packing (irons set)

  • packing

    This shows how golf clubs are settled in the box.

  • packing

    It is possible to hold up to 10 irons a box with this packing style.

  • packing

    The image of packing completed.

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